Thursday, April 7, 2016

Who Loves an Audiobook???

Hello, Reader-Friends!!!

I'm just getting back from Spring Break, and while I was driving 12 hours south to visit family and friends, I renewed my LOVE for audiobooks!!!

They're also fantastic for when you're lying around by the pool or the beach and either don't want to hold a book or eReader or just want to close your eyes....

I have SIX Audiobooks--WOW! 

Want to check them out? Here you go--->







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In other news, I am LOVING the television show "Small Town, Big Mayor" on the UP Channel! It's about the town and specifically the Mayor of D'Lo, Mississippi! (Anybody get it???)

D'Lo is the name of one of the most important secondary characters in my book Behind the Stars (link), and YES, he was named after the town.

Everyone in BTS was named after towns along the I-49 corridor in south Mississippi, because I was brainstorming the plot as we made the 4-hour drive to visit my in-laws back in 2011.

Watch Episode 2 Tonight! Need to find the UP channel in your area? Follow this (link)!

You can get Behind the Stars on Amazon--FREE in Kindle Unlimited (link)!

Happy reading or listening~


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Edgy, Raw" Award-Winning YA Romance On Sale

The Truth About Letting Go, is on sale for 99 Cents this week/weekend (FREE in Kindle Unlimited). It's been three years since I wrote the story, but I still remember the emotions behind it so well.

I've never lost a parent, but at the time I was going grieving a different sort of loss. My life had taken a turn I never anticipated, and I was reeling with the pain of it, trying to understand why God would do this to me and my little family.

I won't go into details, but I'll just say I poured all that frustration and pain into this book in the form of Ashley trying to understand the sudden death of her father.

Some readers have sent me messages saying I got it exactly right. Some have said they identified with Ashley and the way she felt and acted after losing their own parents. Others said while they didn't react so violently to the loss of a loved one, their siblings or others close to them did.

Those are the most gratifying emails I ever receive.

The Truth About Letting Go is not always an easy read, but it was nominated as a finalist by The Kindle Book Award in 2013. I appreciated that recognition so much.

The story does have a happy ending, and we do find our heroine on the road to recovery by the end. I hope you'll read it and "get it." If you don't, that's okay.

Stay cool~

Here's the scoop:


TOP 5 FINALIST, 2013 "Best Indie Book" awards, The Kindle Book Review

"If you're a fan of Sarah Dessen novels you should pick this one up!"--Harley Bear Book Blog
"FIVE STARS: Powerful, beautiful, and real... Rarely have I read a book like this one, that felt so real it could be true." -Steph's Book Reviews

“FIVE STARS: It's strange to see your feelings written on the pages of a book you didn't pen. It should be available for anyone who's experiencing loss/grief of any kind.” –Amazon Review

By Leigh Talbert Moore

Two days ago Ashley Lockett's dad died. Her world fell apart, her mom withdrew, and her older brother "callously" returned to college to resume his normal life. Only life will never return to normal for Ashley--at least that's how it feels.

Rejecting her "queen bee" status, she befriends Jordan, a budding film director, and Charlotte, the daughter of a local shop keeper. They each help her forget the pain for a little while, but can they stop her from going off the rails with the new bad boy in town?

A story of faith, forgiveness, and the power of friendship.

Get it Today! (FREE in Kindle Unlimited)




Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Welcome to my (reading) World!

Hey! Thanks for visiting my website! 

This also was my personal blog from when I started writing books in 2009. So WOW. LOTS of over-sharing here... please feel free to poke around and explore.

When I'm not working on a book or driving my little ladies all over the place, I try to pop in and post my latest book news! For the most current scoop, you can

So what's new? Well, I'm glad you asked...

Behind the Stars is my latest release. It's one of my all-time favorite stories about a tough little country girl named Prentiss Puckett, who's forced to see just how strong and creative she can be after she's kidnapped walking to work.
COW do you do???

She wakes up in a prison camp with a group of friends, and she decides she's not going down without a fight. It's hot and sweaty and exciting and fun. Did I mention there are cows?

I had a lot of fun with this one. Check out the book's Pinterest board:

A whole page on this site is devoted to the series and the TWO COOL WAYS you can get it--one is FREE! (Click here to visit that page.)

In the meantime, here's the scoop on Behind the Stars. If you get it, I hope you love it! If you love it, please remember to leave a review. Reviews help indie authors more than you know.

On Amazon

Readers are saying…

“Five Stars: The best series that I have read in a while. I couldn't put it down at all. It still has my attention, begging to be revisited!" –Kelly’s Nerdy Obsession

"Solid, well-crafted and captivating!" --Kawehi Reviews
"Fun, entertaining, and original!" --My Guilty Obsession book reviews
"Adventurous and exciting, a great book for anyone." --Somertime Book Blog

“If you are looking for a great YA read, this is the book for you. Full of nail biting suspense, this book is sure to keep your attention.” –Mandy “I Read Indie”

By Leigh T. Moore

Prentiss Puckett is certain of three things:
-Graduation is two weeks away.
-Summer only gets hotter in south Mississippi.
-She’s getting a job with air-conditioning.

She did not expect to be kidnapped walking to work.
And she never expected to become a hero.

Red Dawn meets LOST in this action-packed paranormal romance from Amazon bestselling author Leigh Talbert Moore.

BEHIND THE STARS (FREE in Kindle Unlimited!)

Signed copies:

On Instagram? Here's a graphic you can SHARE! Just take a screenshot and crop. (And hey, Follow Me @LeighTMoore--yay!)

Thanks for reading! Love you guys~

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Monday, January 5, 2015

What Do Readers Think and #WIN!

Launching a new book is exciting and terrifying and always FUN!

The last time I went through this was June 30, 2014, with Mosaic, and I pretty much did it by myself. Haha!

This go-round I've teamed up with Inspired Kathy and YA Bound, two great services I've known since I released The Truth About Faking in Sept 2012. Basically, I love these guys!

If you missed it, Behind the Stars rolled out as a serialized novel on November 9. The first episode "Captive" (Ch. 1-5) is FREE on all platforms if you'd like a taste.

"Serialized" means the story is released in small chunks, like they used to do with novels in the old magazine days. Some readers dig the format, others don't. Regardless of which side you're on, ALL the "episodes" are out now, or you can get the complete novel by clicking here (link). 

Please follow the Tour, and you can WIN! What's up for grabs? Signed copies of Behind the Stars, "Captive" (Episode 1), SWAG!, or an Amazon Gift Card!

Here's the tour:

Blog Tour Schedule:
January 5:
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January 6:  

January 7:
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January 8:
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Roxy's Reviews - Review
Boundless Daydreamer - Promo Post

January 13:
Lost in Lit - Review

January 15:

January 16:

I hope you'll read Behind the Stars, and if you do, please leave a review! I love to hear what you think!

Happy 2015, reader-friends~