Thursday, May 5, 2011

Historic Times and Personal Media

So the last seven days, right? First we have the worst tornadoes in recorded history sweep through my state, followed by a Royal Wedding, followed by the killing of the (arguably) worst terrorist leader in U.S. history.

If that weren't enough, I finally found my sea legs and got my writing mojo back. And I ventured more actively into the world of Twitter.

All these historic events got me to thinking... What next? Locusts?

Seriously, it got me to thinking about two things in particular. First the international events. I was impressed by the solemnity of the Royal Wedding. It seems the era of Paris Hilton-style heirs and heiresses has ended and a restrained elegance has returned.

I'm all for that. I mean, you all know I love a party, but can we keep our panties on? Or at least while the cameras are out? (And while we're entering or exiting the vehicle or climbing stairs...)

Have I officially become Grandma? Do you agree or disagree? Are these Royal Fuddy-Duddies too young to be acting so old?

Next is the killing of Osama bin Laden. I had friends who figuratively threw a parade over his death. My response was more sedate and solemn, sadness remembering the evil this one person wrought on the lives of so many.

But on the third hand, I have friends who've confided in me they don't believe it really happened. Or, they believe it happened a long time ago and for whatever reason, it's just now being announced. Very Wag the Dog.


I love listening to conspiracy theories, although I rarely believe them. I do agree it seemed out of the blue, and following all the garbage about Obama's birth certificate, you'd think our President would want to bombard us with proof of death.

But we are not barbarians. We do not videotape the slaying of our enemies or place severed heads on pikes. C'mon, people. I think we're going to have to go with our military on this one and take their word for it.

Do you agree or disagree? Am I the naieve one here?

As for Twitter, I'm learning to be loose and float randomness into the ether. My first few weeks, I decided the whole system was weird. I'm more of a relational social-media user, and Twitter seemed very isolating to me.

I never knew when friends were there, I tweeted at folks never to hear back from them, I tweeted and wondered why.

I was about to throw in the towel when suddenly it opened up for me, and I started finding people.

I was online at the same time as friends. I downloaded an app to my phone that plays a little tune whenever I get an @ message. I might disable that one soon...

There's been some discussion about types of social media and what's going out or staying or dying. I think it depends on your personality and your goal.

For quick networking with others doing what I do, it seems Twitter is good. For really getting to know people who do what I do (Writers), sharing and supporting, blogger seems ideal. And then for keeping up with family and friends, Facebook has been great.

What do you guys think?

That's it for me. I'm just over 7K words in the new MS, and it's very exciting. I wish I could do nothing but write (#amwriting), but I can't. I'll be around.

Have a great weekend, reader-friends! Til Monday~ <3

BIG HUGS to you all for the outpouring of encouragement and support on Monday. It really got me out of my funk, and demonstrated my point up there about blogging. What would I do without you, my long-distance, international support group? Love you guys~


Ex-pat Odessa said...

First of all, I don't get Twitter and don't care to, so good luck with that one...this is one person who won't 'Tweet' you!

As for Bin Laden. When we took down Sadaam, pics and videos were everywhere. The White House says the photos were too gruesome, well they washed his body before dumping it as sea, why not release those photos?

There is too much secrecy surrounding this to make it plausible. The story keeps changing as well. Not to mention that POTUS' #'s were down in the polls, even after releasing the Birth Cert. and remember it is an election year....just some food for thought.

Bottom line, I love the U.S. for what it stands for and what it *used* to be; but I don't trust my government anymore. When you hear me say that I LOVE our president (whoever it is), then you know that I am like Winston Smith - and the bullet has entered my brain!

Old Kitty said...

This is my view on twitter: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! LOL!!!

I have to admit I got into the spirit of the royal wedding and loved Kate's dress!!!! It was lovely!

Yay for your wip progress and for the return of your writerly mojo! Yay!!!!

Take care

Laura Pauling said...

I'll comment on the wedding. I don't think it was fuddy duddy. They are past 25. And they are royalty. And they are English. I didn't expect it to be anything but proper and elegant. I think it says a lot about them. Very tasteful.

You just got to take Twitter for what it is. I usually have tweet deck in the background but my writing always comes first. If some friends you @ to don't have tweetdeck or something like it - they might have missed your mentions.

And I love that phase of writing a new wip. Have fun!

Shannon said...

Sorry I missed your Monday post - had I known you were in a funk, I would have given you as many fluffy, sprinkly words as possible. Glad to hear it's over.

My take on your interesting (honestly) post:

- Love the royal wedding and couple.

- Bin Laded. I don't think he was anything more than a figure head, but I hope his death brings closure to the friends and family members of those who died on 9/11.

- Twitter. Not my thing. I'll stick with blogger and FB.

Have a great day!

Summer Ross said...

I'm not a tweeter- I tried it out when I was doing a paper on social media, and it really doesn't work for my. I like facebook for friends and family, Love bloggers writing community, I'll stick to those things.

Woot on writing 7k in the new MS!

Lydia Kang said...

Glad you got your writing mojo back! I don't twitter (not yet, at least) so I missed the twitter tornado this week.
All I can say about bin laden is it's making me think a lot of 9/11. I watched the towers fall, so it's brought back a lot of hard memories for me this week.

Angela said...

What can I say, I'm still not on twitter. Who knows, maybe I'll be one of the last holdouts.

I thought the wedding was elegant and perfect. Thank goodness Princess Cate isn't Paris Hilton!

Jessica Bell said...

Not a fan of Twitter, but have never tried it so my opinion isn't ver educated. Love blogging and facebooking and Goodreadsing. That's my limit, I think.

Bin Laden? Well, I think it's fake. Did as soon as it was announced. Did you see the video of Hilary Clinton and Obama watching the video of his death with horrified concerned faces? What an act! LOL. Of course they didn't show 'what' they were watching, so I remain sceptical.

Glad you got your writing mojo back!!! Woohoo!

Michelle Merrill said...

I loved the royal wedding. Yes, they did act old for their age, but I love the tradition and the more subtle feeling of love and respect for the royal couple. I'm guessing there was more of a celebration in private ;)

As far as Bin Laden...I'll stick with you on taking the military's word for it.

And I have not braved twitter yet. There's only so much I can do and blogging is what I use for now :) Good luck with the twitter world. I'm sure I'll cave in some time.

LTM said...

@Odie--ahh, love you! Such the conspirator. My thinking is that I'm not sure how much of a difference it makes if he's dead or alive. Terrorism has become something we're going to have to deal with as certain countries continue to develop. Best thing we can do? Educate the girls, fight for global women's rights. Changes everything. :o) ((hugs))

@Laura--I know. For me Kate + Wills = SWOON!!! I love them. Although I also liked the image of Di sweeping her little boys off their feets on that balcony. Sometimes you gotta just go for it. Yay, second kisses! :D

I downloaded Tweetdeck, but I don't use it. I do more of a three-a-day check-in. And I've got that little notice when folks message me. It's different, but not bad.

yep, #amwriting #amlovingit! :o) <3

@Summer--be forewarned: Twitter is weird starting out. It's just a different approach to networking. But I see the usefulness of it. I agree, FB is perfect for friends/fly, and our writing community here is irreplacable~ ((hugs)) <3

RosieC said...

Okay, I don't really get twitter, but then again, I don't use it very often (Catch 22 much?). I should use it more, but it would help if I knew how.

As for weddings and royals, I have to say that I LOOOOOVED watching the wedding. It doesn't hurt that I'm writing about royals and one minor part is about the more traditional vs. the more Hilton-esque people (though that's a minor thread). I adore the chivalry and the uniforms and something about the chasteness of it all. I don't know why. Just do :) I did, however, find it entertaining that a friend of mine posted on FB that William wasn't a virgin anymore. While I believe in the love and the chaste appearances and all that, do we really know? I mean, Victorian England was publicly obscenely chaste, but some of the most bizarre sexual fetishes are documented from that time in English history. Hmm...

I'm so happy to hear you got your writing mojo back and that you're feeling better. Moving is hard, and all the stress that goes with it (I just read Monday's post, too). But with every end comes a new beginning, and, honestly, if you tell me when you guys are arriving up here in your new house, I'll probably show up with a casserole.

Wow, I sound really old-fashioned today--casseroles and chivalry. What's next? *cringe* I'm going to stop writing before I throw myself into the 17th century. :)

Carolyn Abiad said...

I think ObL is dead. If he wasn't, I'd be waiting for a new video from Al Jazeera right about now. So I'd say it's really about the lack of seeing Osama.

Twitter? It's not really me. I've tried. I'll probably try again.

Royal wedding = royal dud. This couple is definitely not a dynamic duo. Elegant? Yes. But boring.

Carol Riggs said...

Yay for the great start on your new ms! Glad you're enjoying Twitter. I've been on for 2-3 months and have been having fun (and here I said I'd NEVER join!).

Yeah, it always makes me uncomfy when people celebrate the death of anyone. It reminds me too much of the celebration in the streets in Gaza, Iran, etc. when 9-11 happened. Just wrong.

Title Loans said...

I'm still learning how to use Twitter, but I do find it a good tool. I mean, what better way to be in the know than with instant access? I just think with a lot of things on the internet, you have to be careful what you believe. As for the history of events, I think a bloody river is up next. It's just something that SO much happened in one week that it's hard to believe. But I'm with you- I think we should actually believe the government this time...

Southpaw said...

I haven't tried twitter yet. I worry that it will such more time away. :)

DEZMOND said...

wishing you a happy upcoming weekend, Leigh! :)

Unknown said...

Heavy stuff. Heavy heavy. I spent some time in the military, joined after 9/11, so my thoughts and opinions are not always the majority. I'm okay with that.

Twitter for me is still all about the conversation. I will almost always follow back. The exception being if the follower hasn't posted anything original or communicated via @. It's a bit of a red flag.

Janet Johnson said...

Lots of interesting stuff here. No twitter here. Love that the royal couple are more reserved and elegant. As for OBL . . . I agree with your added comment above. I believe he's dead. I don't know how much difference his death will make on the terrorism front, though. Not celebrating, here. Too much horror involved to celebrate. But also wondering why they killed instead of captured.

Anyway, best of luck with all your writing! Great feeling to get your mojo back. :)

Ellie Garratt said...

OMG. So many questions to think about!

Bin Laden. I don't condone the killing of any human being but the world is a better place without him. I believe he is dead but there will always be conspiracy theories.

I'm fairly knew to Twitter but liking it so far. I think the trick is not to overuse it. I've seen people who'll send out dozens of tweets in one day and I don't bother reading them.

As for the Royal Wedding that's just the way they do it!

Ellie Garratt

Stina said...

Jessica Faust (agent) had a post yesterday on Twitter verses FB. It was really good. I'm on FB, but I'm not ON FB. Other than my blog posts showing up on it, I don't bother with it. I'm more of a Twitter girl, except I don't follow those mega conversation in which everyone participates.

Woo hoo on getting your writing mojo back. :D

I'm going to trust the military to be telling the truth. No gruesome photos for me.

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

I think you nailed it on the social media! As far as bin Laden, would you trumpet to the world he was dead if he was still kicking and able to pop up on a video somewhere. No way. Plus I DO trust our military to tell us the truth on this.

I'm glad the writing is singing along for you! Happy Weekend!

Unknown said...

You bring up some really good things.

I don't like twitter much (in comparison with blogging) I think because it's hard for a writer to condense to 140 words.

As for the Bin Ladin issue. I'm not sure that Obama would have killed Bin Ladin just to win an election, but crazier things have happened.

Hart Johnson said...

Okay, you know me... NO PANTIES. but I liked the restraint of the royal wedding for this reason: it's nobody's bloody business, so do the proper thing that gives to real sign of yourself, and then be yourself if your OWN space. I'm not a celebrity wedding fan ANYWAY (you know me, always the cynic), but I get that this particular couple could not have gotten away with a little private affair... so this was fine with me as the public face, and I will feel free to imagine they had a great party with some friends that was less controlled and THEIRS.

Osama bin Laden... I am the world's BIGGEST conspiracy theorist, but the details I've heard on proof he's dead, I am buying. I think the burial WAS videotaped, and that videotape went to Arab leaders to prove he was treated respectfully and that respect is why it is not being released. We get too giddy with this thing, and we risk alienating the most dangerous part of the world. YES, killing bin Laden pisses off the extremists, but they were already pissed. The moderate Arab world, however, has to KNOW this moved toward peace, but ONLY if we don't add to it by enraging the population by being disrespectful in our HOW. That's my story and I'm sticking with it.

As for social media... I haven't mastered Twitter. I'm not convinced it is my kind of thing, though I use it a little... I like blogging and Facebook... I don't have time to master something else just yet..

M Pax said...

I <3 Twitter. I meet so many great people on it and it's fun. I sort of dropped FB in favor of it, because it's quick and easy. I love blogger even tho it's a time suck. The connections make it worth the time, though.

Congrats on your word count. I just got back from a writer date and was productive myself. Glad none of those tornadoes hit you.

LTM said...

@Ava--I'm w/you on the stuff all happening at once. It's crazy times. And maybe that's why Twitter is good--! LOL! We'll know first! No, I really am getting the hang of it now. It should warn you to do a two week "break in" period... :D

@Holly--I think it's actually a faster social media than blogger... but there is a learning curve (see above). But with all relationships, time and attention are key~ <3

Tracy said...

I was getting caught up on your last two blogs since I missed some time here lately and WOW! you have a great deal going on...I'm curious if the couple has made a bid on your house?
You are right though, no one will know the stories left behind but you do and that's most important. I think as parents that's why our sharing of our memories is so vital so our kid/s can carry them on in some way or some form.

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with us...keep us posted on the house!

Theresa Milstein said...

Good luck with your foray into the tweeting world.

I don't hold much stock in conspiracy theories. GWB was under so much pressure to find him. Why wouldn't we say as soon as we knew? And what would be the point of saying we did if we didn't? He'll show up later and the president will say. "You got me!"

Sylvia Ney said...

So glad to find you. I saw your blogfest button on another site and stopped by. If you have time, you can visit me @

I look forward to reading more from you.

Lynda R Young as Elle Cardy said...

I'm still of two minds about Twitter. When I first started I wasn't a fan. I'm still not a fan, but I don't dislike it either. Kinda lukewarm... I blame my shyness. ;)

Matthew MacNish said...

90% of the time I don't get twitter. But every once in a while it's awesome.

LTM said...

Hi, Sylvia! **waves** It's crazy times over here, but I'm trying to keep it light. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy~ :o) <3

Jennie Bailey said...

You are so brave for jumping into Twitter...I'm not quite there yet. Eventually. Maybe. Probably.

As for Osama, I'm not into conspiracy theories. People can't keep their mouths shut. Somewhere down the line someone who isn't paid enough is going to talk. I don't believe in conspiracies for that reason. I think we have a bit more class and are more reserved under this administration. We don't have to go showing off pictures or videos to intimidate others. We can sneak into a country during the middle of the night and take you out. Even Al Qaeda has admitted that he was killed. Why would they lie about it? There's no reason to. The guy is dead and good riddance. We should have had him in Tora Bora, but I'm glad that we didn't. I think this was far more effective - it sent the message that you aren't safe anywhere no matter how many years later. We will find you.

I love bright, shiny new ideas! YAY for being 7,000 words in. It's so much fun when you're at the beginning and all you want to do is write, when you can't think about anything else!

Hilary Melton-Butcher said...

Hi Leigh .. the tornadoes were terrible - Mother Nature sure has some armoury up her sleeve and there's not much we can do about it.

It's the way we do Royal Weddings - it was perfect .. not at all uber traditional .. for a future King of England it went off brilliantly .. they appear to have relaxed the royal rules. I love the historical links back through time - our history, your history ..

They can't be celebrities and won't be I hope .. in that ghastly sense! She was shopping in the local supermarket the next week .. as was Prince Harry on the other side of the country.

Osama - it appears to be true and thank goodness they're not publishing photos etc .. ghastly - it can be enacted into a film in 50 years time .. but not now.

Interesting post - cheers Hilary

Ella said...

A 555 post on May 5(two more 5's) good sign!

I think withholding the photo is part of the campaign gig, when it gets close to re-election...magically they will appear. IMHO

Twitter, not yet for me...I find what I am doing is keeping me busy. BUT, I could change my mind ;-D

LTM said...

Hi, Hil--for some reason, this Royal Wedding seemed more fairytale to me... maybe b/c I'm older. I think Wills is the perfect storybook prince--LOL! :D I agree w/you on all~ ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Two thumbs up for getting writing mojo back! I just got mine back as well.
But let me start my little parade of thoughts about this post!
Osama: I wouldn't exactly throw a party over his death, but I am glad to an extent---more relieved than happy, actually. I am glad the one of the world's worst materminds is gone, but I know this isn't the end. However, as the sister of an American soldier, this is a a really big event for me.
Royal Wedding: personally, I thought it was good to hear some good news for once and they seem like such a classy, down-to-earth couple. They're not celebrities, they're people! And they certainly act like it.
Twitter: Ive thought seriously about it, but I don't think it's my cup of tea. Maybe I'll try it someday, but I'll stay with Facebook for now!

LTM said...

@Rebekah--thanks! And I know--so many mixed emotions this week. Best to your brother! And I agree about the Royal Wedding. As for Twitter, well, I'm trying~ :D

Furniture Stores in Los Angeles said...

Twitter is such a difficult thing for me. I have been on twitter for some time now and only posted one tweet (in my defense my friend put me on there). I just feel like I either don't have anything to say or I don't want people to know all my ins and outs. I like your suggestion of putting randomness on there.

Los Angeles SEO said...

Wow! You are so right we have lived through so much already in just my life time... I feel like I will have a lot of stories to tell my grand children. Kind of make me want to start keeping scape books for the future generations.