Monday, March 4, 2013

SFINE & #WIN All American Girl!

Happy Monday, reader- and writer-friends! Can you believe it's March 4 already? shew!

Quick The Truth About Letting Go (link) Update:

A HUGE Thank You! to everyone who's bought, read, reviewed, and helped spread the word about my new book! ((HUGS))

Print copies are now available on Createspace (link) & Amazon (link)!

Get me!
And remember, even a short, sweet review on Amazon and Goodreads helps your favorite authors! Here are the links if you'd like to leave one:

I've got a HUGE promotional blitz starting Friday. This is "outside the pond" marketing, so it's mostly book bloggers.

But! I'll be giving away ebook copies of The Truth About Letting Go, and a GRAND PRIZE signed, print set of Letting Go + The Truth About Faking (US only). I'll post a link to the giveaway once it's live if you're interested.

So what's SFINE, you ask?
Check it out!

Well, it's a BIG, FREE independent authors event happening in San Francisco June 15! Basically, you come out, meet your favorite authors, and get them to sign your books...

Who's going to be there? Coleen Hoover, Nyrae Dawn, Jolene Perry, Steph Campbell, Bethany Lopez, Jillian Dodd, moi...

And a bunch more really popular independent authors.

Click here to go to the official website that lists everybody!

Also! They have an online store for the event. So if you're planning to go, pre-order your books and have them waiting for you when you arrive! (This is really super convenient for us authors, so definitely use it if you're going.)

Now to #WIN All American Girl!

Great writer-friend Justine Dell has just released All American Girl (link)! I read her first book, Recaptured Dreams (link), and it was great! I'm sure this one is, too!

Today Justine's here with her casting couch AND a chance for one lucky commenter to #WIN All American Girl! Take it away, Justine~

Greetings! Thank you all for stopping by today. *grins like a maniac* I’ve got the wonderful of honor of doing my very own Casting Couch for All-American Girl. *squee*

I swear, I think this is one of the most fun things about writing a book—deciding who would play the characters!

Here’s my A-list movie production cast members:

First up, Jenny, Samantha’s dear friend from New York. She’s quirky, fun, yet she can be serious (to keep Samantha grounded. Played by Katie Cassidy.

Next we have Candice, Samantha’s dear friend from years past. Candice is also the sister of Samantha’s love interest, Lance. Her personality is caring; she seems to always being moving quickly, but calmly. She’s got big plans but doesn’t quite know how to put everything together. I think Anne Hathaway is perfect for her!


Next up is Samantha’s Grandmother, Dorothy. Dorothy played a huge role in Samantha’s past and she’s one of the reasons Samantha must put her life back on track. Dorothy is wise, thoughtful, and she still has a nice touch of humor and sarcasm. Perfect for Fionnula Flanagan.

Samantha has as stepdaughter, Ava, from a previous marriage, who she thinks about often during her growth through the story. Ava is only 5, full of heart and fun-loving. Baliee Madison would play her perfectly. (Bailee is 13 now, so we would have to rewind her years a little…lol)


Lance, the hero of the story, has his own son, Jax. This little guy is 5, full of energy, loves to talk about dinosaurs! He’s also got some nice manners, thanks to his dad. *wink* Davis Cleveland would be perfect! (Again, though, we’d have to rewind his years a bit).

Finally, we come around to Samantha. She’s a heroine with a long history of life problems. She struggles with her emotions and strives to be the strong and beautiful woman everyone wants her to be.

There are times she’s hateful and mean, but you can see the glimmer of love and hope beneath her eyes. For that reason, I think Amy Adams would play her perfectly. She could be the cold Samantha, and still make you love her. It helps that she already has that beautiful auburn hair and green eyes. And she could be the thoughtful Samantha, making you love her even more.

And LASTLY…we come to the hero, Lance. *swoon* Ahem, sorry. I love him.

Lance is stubborn, but smart.  Strong, but wonderfully soft. A dedicated father who’s had his own life battles. Never one to turn away from a challenge…oh, and he’s loved Sam since high school. He owns a construction company, so he’s big, with that sexy rough-and-tumble type look. *drools*

Uh…where was I? Oh, yes…Lance. Let me get to the picture before I lose all train of thought.

The PERFECT man for this part is Chris Hemsworth. Period.  

And there we are! The cast that makes up All-American Girl. Simply perfect. ;-) I do hope you’ll check it out to match these wonderful people with their wonderful characters!

by Justine Dell

At the age of thirty, with two failed marriages and a tanking writing career, Samantha Moore deals with the world with the only tool she had left: anger. And she’s tired of it. When her grandmother's near-death sends her rushing back home to Vermont, she hopes for the chance to overcome the rage ruling her life.

Once she’s home, Lance Cummings becomes a constant source of indigestion. Lance is a single father who learned first-hand the devastating effects of a damaging relationship. He sees through Samantha’s nasty temper—straight to her cry for help. He wants to help her, but he also wants to know why Samantha ran from him—and their future—twelve years before.

Taking care of her Grams, dealing with an alcoholic brother, and getting Lance to remove his annoyingly attractive nose from her business is draining on Samantha. And she’s only got three weeks to finish her stagnated novel or her publisher will drop her. No pressure. To top it off, pretending to hate the man she actually loves makes each day in Vermont harder than the last. Especially when Lance turns up the heat.

Justine Dell  lives in the Midwest, happily catering to her family, which consists of a horse-obsessed teenage daughter, four dogs, and a husband who is too good to be true. She's never moved from her hometown, but hopes to grow old in a much warmer climate.

During the day she works a normal job with college students who try their best to keep her young. They've done a good job thus far. At night, said teenage daughter and her horse require mounds of love and attention. The weekends belong solely to her and her writing. That's when she morphs into a sticky bug, unable to leave the confines of her computer chair.

She started writing four years ago after seeing a movie that set off a chain reaction she couldn't have stopped if she'd wanted. It's not a hobby for her; it's an obsession. One she loves and one she loves to share. Her debut book, Recaptured Dreams and her newest release, All-American Girl, are available now on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and wherever book are sold.

Random Number Generator will choose one lucky commenter to #WIN a copy of All American Girl. Winner will be announced here on Friday.

And hop over to Justine's Blog (link), where you can enter to #WIN a copy of The Truth About Letting Go and several other great prizes!

Have a super week, reader- and writer-friends! <3


Jessica Bell said...

Whoah! Info galore ... good luck with your promo blitz, congrats Justine! and that conference looks cool. Another reason to get depressed about living in Greece. *sigh*

PS: you receive The Book yet?

Laura Pauling said...

I would love to attend an all Indie author's events b/c I've read and loved most of them!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Wow! That sounds like an awesome author event. Congrats to Justine on her book.

S.A. Larsenッ said...

SFINE sounds like an awesome opportunity for both Indie authors and readers!! Too bad it's being held so far away from where I live. :(

YAY! for Justine! I love the looks and sound of her latest book!

Stina said...

lol I thought SFINE stood for Sarah Fine. :D

I didn't know you live in SF, Leigh. Or are you just visiting for the event? Wish I could go.

Okay, Lance is yummy! Chris is a very good choice. Yay Justine!

Pat Hatt said...

Sounds like a great event to meet and greet indeed.

JE said...

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today Leigh! SFINE sounds like a wonderful event; wish I was closer!


Summer Ross said...

Super cool you will be one of the great authors for Sfine! That is awesomesauce.

Justine- the book looks amazing and sounds like a good read.

Old Kitty said...

It's a beautiful cast!! Yay for JD and yay for you too LTM and your fab giveaway!! Take care

Barbara Watson said...

Lots going on here today! Best to you with the blitz!

SFINE sounds like a great opportunity. Wish I lived closer.

M Pax said...

SFINE sounds fun. I wish I lived closer, too. I just gave away Colleen's Slammed. :)

DL Hammons said...

I repeat what Mary said. SFINE sounds FUN! :)

Lisa Gail Green said...

I wish I could go! The book looks great. :D

Romance Book Haven said...

All the best with your promo.


Janet Johnson said...

NTM, you enjoy SF! How awesome!

And Justine, so fun to see your cast. Bailie is so stinkin' cute. :)

PK HREZO said...

*swoon* Chris Hemsowrth .... le sigh.

Ah San Fran! Sounds like a blast! Will have to get more deets on that and make it a day trip. ;)

LTM said...

@DL--I know, right? It's crazy b/c I had to be in Cali right at that time anyway, and when I heard about this it was just perfect. Can't wait! :o) <3 #happycoincidence

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