Monday, September 9, 2013

Where's My Pirate Costume?

Most of you know I have two little girls. This morning I woke up singing songs from Dora's Pirate Adventure.
Sing with me...
Parents of small children, if you missed this one (featuring John Leguizamo), I highly recommend it. You will be singing these songs for the rest of your life.

To this day, we still finish Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star with "how I wonder what you ate for breakfast."

That led me to wishing I could have a REAL sing-along blog like Dr. Horrible (link)!

Would that rule or what?

I have always loved to sing.

But I tend to suffer from singing stage-fright, so you will rarely catch me onstage singing anywhere. (Unless I've had too much "medicine.")

When I lived in Baldwin County, I worked up the courage to join our small church's choir. A few friends made fun of me for being a "choir girl," but the truth was, I got more out of church being in that choir than from anything else I did.
Get me!

Not sure what that means.

What does all this have to do with anything?

Well, there's a lot of serious stuff going on in the world this week. I for one am a little weirded out by how much history seems to be repeating itself. (Great Depression followed by WWII, the majority of the country not wanting to get involved...)

Some people believe you can't be serious and lighthearted at the same time. But I have a tendency to get too serious, reader-friends.

I have to throw in some lightness in the mix so I don't lose it.

That thought gave me an idea for a scene in a book I'm working on. It's about looking ahead to how things will be once the bad thing has passed...

My hero tells our heroine a game he liked to play as a child. He would think of his favorite thing to do, and then he would tell himself that was what he'd do when whatever he was afraid of was over.

I confess, the idea grew from that part in L O S T where Jack tells Kate about allowing the fear in for five seconds. Really being afraid for those five seconds, and then letting it go and getting the job done.

Powerful thing, the mind...

It's going to be in the 90s here this week, but then the 70s by Friday. I think we should all imagine dressing up and doing a big Dora's Pirate Adventure sing-along on Saturday. Or Teen Beach Movie. Whatever floats your ship... or surfboard.

Quick Reminders:

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Have a super week, reader-friends! Cooler weather is on the way~


Old Kitty said...

That's why fear is so useful to have sometimes - brings out the survival instinct in all of us - we do what we need to do to conquer it and do so hopefully (and always!!) in a positive way!!

Take care

Patti said...

I totally remember that Dora episode. I'd love to watch a singing blog, but I could never do one. My singing even makes my husband cringe.

I do agree with infusing some lightheartedness into a world full of woe and pain.

Fida Islaih said...

That is an awesome idea, thanks for sharing! And it's a tip for our own lives, too (:

Barbara Watson said...

Good stuff here, Leigh. It's just like making sure we know that courage isn't the absence of fear, but acting courageous in the middle of our fear. (That might be a quote, and if so, I apologize for not knowing where it came from...)

Natalie Aguirre said...

My daughter didn't watch too much Dora. She was already aging out. But there's plenty more songs that will run through your head. It's certainly good to add some lightness to heavy times.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Leigh. When my nieces were young they used to watch Dora, so I watched it a few times when they would come to visit.

LTM said...

Thanks, Fida! I'm just thinking over here... and singing. ;o) <3

Oh, Susanne, talk about earworms! Those songs seriously get stuck in your head. And oddly, I was never much of a Dora fan. LOL! Thanks~ <3