Thursday, September 4, 2014

Happy (Book) Birthday SALE!

Two years ago, I hit "publish" on my very first novel--a sweet YA romance with heart and a little message about tolerance.

I've noted in other places it was partly inspired by the movie Clueless, and entirely inspired by my love of romantic comedy. So today I'm wishing a....

BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To The Truth About Faking!

And it's ON SALE for only 99 Cents right now!

I have always loved Jason & Harley and Harley's harebrained view of the world. I can't even express how happy it made me that thousands of readers loved them too. To date, Faking has sold more than 44,000 copies worldwide!

Something I haven't publicized is that all profits from The Truth About Faking since Day 1 were donated to charity. Every ebook, print book, audiobook, whatever--I only keep what's needed to cover production costs.

Originally, it was whatever needed help--from hurricane relief to Samaritan funds, to individuals I knew about who were struggling. For the past year, I've focused on The Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana--Click here for about that. (What a coincidence, today kicks off Hunger Action Month! Click here for info about that.)

I used to tease that here's how you know God has a sense of humor: My biggest seller is the book I dedicated to charity. Ha! No, the Truth is (*wink*), I've been extremely blessed in my publishing career, and I'm glad to have been in a position to help others in need.

YOU have been a part of that if you've bought the book, so Thank You, too!

I'll wrap it up now, but if you haven't read Faking, I hope you'll give it a shot! If you have, you can give it as a gift. And even when the sale ends, the giving continues. So grab your copy today~

Thanks for reading--I appreciate all of you~

► Get The Truth About Faking for only 99 cents Today:


Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I am really touched that you donate the profits to a worthy cause. That's really special..... (hug)

LTM said...

Thanks so much, Sharon! I said I'd do that before it was even published, and well, I couldn't go back on that after it became a bestseller--LOL! I'm glad I've been able to help others so much~ <3