Monday, May 24, 2010

But what about Vincent?

Ah, L O S T. (This is a non-spoiler post!)

I know, overseas readers are still leading up to the finale, but over here.... well, we're still discussing it. My hotmail account is smokin, and not because it's possessed by unLocke. Last week, everyone was lamenting how much they were going to miss our weekly email debates.

LTM: Umm... guys? We're still debating.

So I have many questions. All of which I will take off the blog to avoid spoiling--except for my title, of course.

JRM reads all the spoiler sites, but I personally hate them. I don't want to know! I want to enjoy the journey.

(What? Did I just say that after harshing on Ms. Meyer for being so long-winded? I did! I am not a read-the-last-page-of-the-book-first girl. I like seeing how the story unfolds. I just prefer if it doesn't require 799 pages. OK, if it's working, I can deal. But I do get irritable if I have to skim. All those words have to be there for a reason... don't they?)

As for today's blog, a reader-friend told me the Lagniappe ran a feature Sunday on all the silly names we've got running for office around here. Not keeping up with Mobile County politics, I was not aware they have a Young Boozer running for treasurer across the bay.

My friend was giggling as she told me this saying how she supposed that made his dad Old Boozer. And concluded that he most likely came from a long line of Boozers...

LTM: They're invited to the party.

Today was awards day at the elementary school. It was great seeing so many smiling faces, but by far the smile that made me happiest was on the face of little Anne Claire Dismukes. She was there (looking like nothing ever happened) to get her set of first-grade achievement awards, and as I watched her bounce across the gym and noticed all the faces in the audience smiling back at her, I thought, "She belongs to all of us a little bit now."

Miracle girl.

So wow. Summer's here, and the family's all in town. This has been one long, trippy school year. My "boss" at the school board commented, "I'll be happy to close the book on SY2009-10."

I don't know. No doubt, it was a challenging year. But being the eternal optimist, I can't help thinking about how much we've learned and grown together.

Yeah, that's all fine and good, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't looking forward to an amazing summer in which little girls stay healthy, oil spills are cleaned and plugged, and dogs aren't...  (poof! L O S T logo.)


Jenni said...

ohh Leigh I just read this - she is a miracle I can only pray for the future and thank God for the past! Hopefully somehow we have all learned from this - AC, the oil spill- man, I wouldn't mind looking at some windmills in the gulf instead of oil all on the beach!

LTM said...

I LOVE the windmill visual... And yep, I was tearing up seeing AC get her awards, thinking about the 4,000 people now watching her. (In a good way, of course! :o)