Thursday, May 13, 2010

Awesomeness and fishing

Gotta take a break from the world. Catherine and I are beside ourselves about this (use your back button to return): The new trailer for The Last Airbender movie.

The first word out of both our mouths was "Appa!" The second out of Catherine's was, "It's in 3D?"

My children haven't embraced the whole 3D movie craze. As a result, I haven't seen a 3D movie yet either... Here's the deal: a few years back Monsters v. Aliens came out in 3D. (I think it was one of the first for kids.)

Well, a mommy friend of mine called and wanted us to do a girls movie date to see it. That was cool, I was onboard. I love, love, love the movies, right?

Laura dug her little heels in and said "NO!" She was literally offended at the suggestion. But not because it was in 3D. Laura's like me as a little kid--she likes to sleep. And it only took one scary movie for me/her to realize that hiding under the covers in the dark shivering for three weeks straight was no way to spend your nights.

I said Monsters v. Aliens to Laura, and she looked at me like I was a monster. Or an alien. So we agreed she'd stay home with Daddy and watch Kipper or Angelina Ballerina.

Catherine definitely wanted to go, but I can't remember why she didn't. She might've gotten sick--it was first grade. They still get sick a lot at that age. But the rest of the gang went, and after it was over, word got back that one of the little girls had left the theater and thrown up afterwards.

Her mom said it was because during the movie, this tiny six year-old (she really is the littlest of the girls) had consumed her popcorn, her neighbor's popcorn, a box of gummies, a whole Sprite... you get the picture.

Made no difference to Catherine. She lives her little life by a strict "no vomiting" philosophy. (I'm onboard with that, considering I'm the clean-up crew.)

No amount of reasoning would convince her that her buddy had just eaten too much junk food. Nope. It was the 3D. Catherine actually left another friend's birthday party because it culminated in watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs in 3D.

I'm almost relieved M. Night gave us an out. Because while we LOVE the animated Nickelodeon TV show Avatar: The Last Airbender (upon which the movie's based) and we have every episode on DVD, I've said before it's one thing to see Koh, the face-stealing spirit, as a cartoon. It's a whole nother to see it in real life. And a whole nother to see it in 3D.

Still, for me July 2 can't get here fast enough. I might have to sneak off with Aunt Dara and the boys to see it... whee!

And what's all this about fishing? Well, let me tell you. It's about Brand New Novel.

There have been times in my agent search when I've been discouraged. I've said I wasn't doing it anymore, it was stupid, why was I wasting my time, I was tired of it, I didn't really care if I never got published, etc., etc., etc.

At the risk of driving away ALL my friends, I've tried to keep these moments to myself as much as possible. Only poor Richard has to hear it. Oh, and my mom.

My sweet mom has been so great. She listens and has no idea what I'm talking about half the time, but every time she says the following: "It's just like fishing. You've just gotta keep casting and one of these times you're going to catch a big fish."

Well, reader friends, I caught The Shark.

I'm trying to be philosophical about it. It doesn't matter if she comes back and says "no thanks." Now I know I have a query letter for BNN that will result in a full manuscript request from a veteran, top agent.

I'm also trying to apply Catherine's "no vomiting" philosophy. I've got 59 days to go.

My uncle Kelly's a welder. When he was in his late 20s-early 30s, he worked on offshore oil rigs in the Gulf, and they used to deepwater fish from the platform. He caught a shark once... It was delicious.

More soon~

P.S. Hey, Locals! The Hangout is donating all profits from this weekend's music/art festival to oil spill relief. Click here for more info.


Ex-pat Odessa said...

He caught more than one shark, and I didn't like it! He also caught a gator once too, had some babies, he wanted to bring one home, you have to remember "Miami Vice" was at it's peak. I think he wanted to be Don Johnson??? Me and Calvin were like, ummm....yeah, dad, that would be cool....
Bobie "OVER MY DEAD BODY!!!" Of course dad laughed at her, and that was the end of the baby gators coming to Baker!

Speaking of M.V. they show re-runs of it here late at night, gotta love script writers in the 80's. Man Don Johnson's character uttered some of the worst lines ever, or maybe it was just bad delivery, but either way, it was just CHEEZY, so much so it needed a Box of Wine to go with it!

jenni said...

Leigh what are your friends for if they can't hear you complain.... and speaking nonsense-- that is what I do most of the time anyway....oh and add crying and more rambling and being scared and then very happy-
sounds manic!!!! I should write greeting cards!
Thanks for being a friend ..insert everything from above.

LTM said...

@Odie--your dad just liked to make Bobie fuss. The only place he could've kept a baby gator was in the Comite River. (And there were prob. already some there!)

Ahh... Miami Vice. I actually wasn't allowed to watch that slice of American Cheese. I did attend a M.V. party in Indy once, though. It was so funny~ :D

LTM said...

@jenniD--with all you've been through since January, you're allowed all that and more. (You're doing awesome, btw~ xoxo :o)

Ex-pat Odessa said...

Wait, how is it, I, being 7 yrs. your junior was allowed to watch MV and you weren't???? Oh the insanity!

LTM said...

you were so little, they probably thought you didn't understand what was goin on. ;o)

Ex-pat Odessa said...

I understood a lot more than they thought I did!