Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tardy to the (Blog Hop) Party

(Sweetheart) Sheri over at Writer's Ally had this awesome idea a few weeks back for a Blog Hop where everybody would write a post dedicated to a fellow blogger who'd been particularly great and/or encouraging.

Everyone was told to post the love on Sept. 15 and it was going to be a warm, fuzzy circle of life kind of moment...

And I flippin forgot!

So today I'm sending out the B'love, and hopefully making the circle complete again. And huge apologies for being a day late. I'm also typically a dollar short.

Man, I've been thinking and thinking about who to recognize here. When I first started blogging back in February it was because I was trying to land an agent, and Janet Reid said you weren't ready to query if you didn't have a "web presence" (i.e., a blog).

So I suppose I should recognize The Shark since she is the reason I'm here.

But I don't really know her. I mean, I know she looks and sounds like Jane Lynch, but I've never had a funny Gmail chat with her and I have no idea how magical (or not) her first kiss was...

Angela was my first non-friend/family blogging buddy, and she's just the sweetest thing. Then I found Scarlett and Portia.--also supersweet. Somehow I discovered Tami's blog and was like, "Whoa." for so many reasons...

Through our birthday posts all on the same day--Hello!--the Tart "introduced" me to Rayna. And that led to my "meeting" CC.

I met Jessie through YALitChat. And a comment from Carolyn, prompted me to hop over and become an insta-fan of her supercool Burnt Amber blog. Then as crit partners, we became support partners in this wrenching journey called "trying to land an agent."

Katie made it OK to admit that since starting the query process, I've gone a little... *a'hem* crazy. And then she turned around and gave me my first piece of Blog bling... Awww! ((hugs))

From there I met CandyDL, Jessica, Matt, Ellie, Vicki, Jen, Anne, NicoleRaShelle... (I'm just going to stop naming names now because I don't want to leave anyone off.) And then Karen G. (the superstar) took my blog to a whole new level...

How do we find each other? How is a writer's network formed?

I see the topic blogged about a lot, so I'll give you my genius insight:  Heck, I don't know!

I just know I've met so many kind, encouraging, interesting, intelligent, hilarious, empathetic, supportive fellow writers through blogging.

So dangit all! I guess I DO have to dedicate this post to Janet Reid. Because if it hadn't been for her sharkley wisdom, I would never have met you guys.

It's possible social media fatigue is striking, but blogging buddy fatigue? No way, man. I need all you guys--you new kids, too. Thanks for your book recommendations and for keeping me encouraged and dreaming/trying/believing it can happen. Here's hoping we all get what we're looking for.

In conclusion, I would be just wrong if I didn't give a shout out to all my non-blogging readers--my friends and family--who've been here from Post 1 sending me encouragement, reading my silly thoughts, and holding their breaths/crossing their fingers for me. You guys are most dear to my heart.

Love to you all~ <3

Note: That is NOT Janet Reid, kids. That's still Jane Lynch. It's a joke. Click here if you don't get it.


Natasha said...

Hey, that's a whole lot of love you have to share, Leigh, which is precisely why we all love you so much.
I didn't even know about this whole September 15 thing, but had I known, my post would not have been too different from yours, I guess.

Love you too!

Vicki Rocho said...

Great blogger choices! I'd never be able to pick just one!

(And I'm jumpin up and down like a kid having my name mentioned...I oughta go thank KarenG for helping me find you!)

The very first blog I found online was Query Shark! How ironic that she was then part of the first prize I ever won.

Jessica Bell said...

You flippin forgot?? Fairdinkum! ;o)

Matthew MacNish said...

Awesome, way to spread the blove around evenly. And I 'm right there with you, we could start a team, the least disorganized bloggers in teh tinterwebsphere or something dumb like that. Way to own the shame Leigh!

Summer Ross said...

Fantastic way to spread some love!

Candyland said...

You're amazing. <3 you!

LTM said...

@Rayna: yes, it's important that I remember to *say it* every now and then. We all help each other in our own ways. <3 to you~ :o)

@Vicki: whoot! I know--impossible to pick ONE person. I think Janet & Nathan were my firsts...

@Jess: sigh. And I even won the book. (hangs head in shame)

@Matt: THANKS for not allowing me to suffer alone. ;p

@Summer: spread it around... That doesn't read quite right. :D

@Candy: no, it's YOU! ;p

Cruella Collett said...

Awww - this was such a sweet post! The blogging community really is so great, and there are so many random ways I have ran into wonderful people here. I'm not even sure I could remember as many meetings as you have listed here - some I found through friends and some through google searches and some through them finding me, and... The list goes on. SO GLAD I found you (or you found me) though. I always visit your blog with a smile :)

SO much b'love!

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

That's what Janet Reid looks like? Somehow I pictured pointier teeth. Heh.

p.s. She IS awesome.

Kittie Howard said...

What a wonderful post! You expressed so much so beautifully. Can't believe there was a time when I didn't blog and didn't know such great people. And I loved how the circular connectivity returned to Janet Reid. And, truth be told (I'm a bit shy to admit this), but I didn't think there really was a Janet Reid.

LSU's opening game with UNC almost had me in the emergency room on a purple and gold drip! I mean, duh! But things are lookin' up *smiles*...Geaux Tigers!!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I loved this post! Way to spread the love around - and I met some new people! :-)

Unknown said...

Love it! We forgive you for forgetting :)

Hart Johnson said...

"and was like, "Whoa." for so many reasons..."
*snarf* Yeah, I can have that effect on people... did you show up first on a man-butt day? BUWAHAHAHAHAHA... *cough*

I'm so glad you found me! We do have an awful lot in common. Especially considering how different our backgrounds are... definitely that Cancer on the cusp of Gemini thing... *hugs*

Fabulous lotta love you're spreading around! (Janet looks a lot different than I thought I'd seen... like I was sure she was a brunette with a ponytaile... maybe that was an old pic... or maybe I made that up... (I do that)

Unknown said...

It's so true. We meet so many wonderful bloggers though one blog or another. I'm thankful to them too.


Carolyn Abiad said...

Better late than never my bloggery friend! We know you're busy :)

DL Hammons said...

This was such a cool post! I loved tracking your footprints in the sand of the blogosphere beach. Being a lifetime member of the Introvert club, the connections and interactions I've experienced here have been priceless, yours included!

Three cheers for Janet Reid!! :)

Julie Musil said...

You are so right about this blogging community. I'm constantly amazed by how awesome everyone is. I love chatting with all these amazing friends about something we love, and I don't have to bore my husband about it (I still do, but I don't have to :)

LTM said...

@CC: it's crazy, and me TOO! You always make me giggle~ :o)

@Susan: lol! you're crackin me up... Can't wait to get your book!!! :o)

@Kittie: I feel the same--writers have a way of letting you in through words alone. GEAUX TIGERS!!! Beat State~

@Shannon: Yay! :o)

@Anne: shew! And I have NOT forgotten you~ mbrrr... embarrassment...

@Hart: Eye candy = nice. :D Seriously. Long lost big sis... Told ya my older brother said I was "found." Did you lose me??? ;p

(you realize that is NOT J. Reid, right? Still Jane Lynch.)

@Clarissa: Yep. :o)

@Carolyn: My girl! xoxo

@DL: Here here! :o) I'm a historian at heart~

@Julie: It's the truth. Poor hubs, poor mom. They were all, "if it (the book biz) is making you so crazy, stop!"
Me: I can't! :D
So glad to find others who can't either~

S.A. Larsenッ said...

OMGosh I just loved this. You not only highlighted a ton of influential bloggers--who BTW I happen to know (cyberly speaking, of course)--but you connected the tail of the dragon to the head. Um...I'll explain that in a blog post real soon.

Thanks for spreading the appreciation.

Anonymous said...

That's spreading the wealth and sharing the love. I know most of these bloggers and will visit the couple new to me.

And I have a link to Janet Reid on my blog. She's a real hoot she is.

Stephen Tremp

Ella said...

I love how you encompassed so many; I so agree, social blogging is huge! I am still working on your voice, haven't quite got the twang. ;-D

I agree, I click on a blog, surf through a sea of comments and read something snarky or moving and now, I want to follow you! I'm amazed at how well traveled I am. I can click to Australia at 9am and be in Ireland 10min later. I am glad I found you or did you find me...?! ;-D

LTM said...

@Sheri: it's all you, girl! I think I might know what you're talking about... <3

@Stephen: Jane Lynch? ;p A network is forming. :o)

@Ellie: Yep. And I don't remember how we found each other, but your poetry and pictures make my day(s)~ :o)

PK HREZO said...

Loved your post! You are so right... we're all in this together. It's great to "meet" so many genuinely nice and helpful peeps.
Thanks for following my new blog, too.


LTM said...

you bet--and looking forward to seeing your site evolve. Yay, blogging buddies~ <3

Unknown said...

Sorry I missed this post the other day!!! I hadn't heard of this blog fest until it was too late, I would have joined, but I'm glad I didn't, the pressure would have been so tough!

Thanks for the sweet little shout-out and I love Jane Lynch so I'm so checking out the secret behind this!