Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kindness & a New Book

What? I'm interrupting my schedule again-?! I know!

But I'm here to send you to The Kindness Project (link) blog. I'm over there talking about Facebook quotes--one from bestselling Easy author Tammara Webber.

You might remember the posts a group of us did over the summer on the first Wednesday of the month. Well, they turned into a whole blog dedicated to spreading kindness--and supporting charities!

Please click over and become a TKP follower (link). I'm not the only contributor, so it's safe!

And before you go, my amazing cover designer, friend, and critique partner Jolene Perry has a shiny new book out! She is tres prolific.

Falling is a new adult book, and it sounds awesome.

It's about a girl who's stuck waitressing at a hunting lodge in Alaska. She's a witness to a murder, and at first she has a thing for the sexy cop who's supposed to protect her. (He also sent her to the lodge.)

Get it!
Then she meets the lodge owner. At first they don't like each other, then they start to like each other, so it's the ole switcheroo!

I haven't read Falling yet, but if I know Jo, it's going to be so fun watching these two go from enemies to friends to luvahs...!

Get it: Amazon or Barnes & Noble

And continue having a great week, reader- and writer-friends! <3


Stina said...

Oh oh oh!!!! I'm getting this one. My CP and I are going on a NA reading craze. :D

Pat Hatt said...

Breaking your schedule again, oh the shame. Great shout out too.

Old Kitty said...

Awww! Yay for Jolene and the Kindness Project! Lovely! take care

Megan Hand said...

Ooo, hate-love, my favorite kind of story!

LTM said...

@Megan--Me, too! And knowing JP, it's going to be loads of fun. Love her books~ :o) <3

Talli Roland said...

The Kindness Project is such a great idea. And yes, Jolene is super prolific! Congrats to her.

M Pax said...

It's safe. lol We have to watch out for your pointy teeth, Leigh.

Congrats to Jolene on a pretty new book!

Lisa Gail Green said...

Sounds like a pretty cool book! And what an awesome new blog.

Jolene Perry said...

I just have to say that Lovah's made me smile :-D
And that's pretty much how it happens, lol.

SO stoked for all the fun-ness YOU'VE got coming up!

Ella said...

Kindness rules! I 'll stop by...
Yes, congrats to Jolene..I love the switcharoo :D