Thursday, July 18, 2013

Happy Birthday Undertow! And Readers FT #WIN!

(I know, you're all "Wait. Didn't that just...")

So many FAB reader-friends are helping me celebrate today, and I just wish I could hug you all in person!

I can't, so here's a big, virtual ((squeeze)) to everyone who's read my books or plans to--and even more to all you sweeties who've already added Watercolor to your Goodreads TBR shelf.


Back in 2010, when I'd written Dragonfly (#1), there wasn't a market for this kind of book--New Adult, where characters graduate high school, start their careers (or their lives), etc.

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Agents liked my concept, and I got loads of compliments.... but no takers.

At that time, self-publishing was not an option, so I sadly put Undertow in the virtual drawer, shed a few tears, believed it would take a miracle for it to see the light of day...

My heart broke.

Undertow is a tough, tragic read, but I love it so much. And I was sure no one would ever read it.

So I can't tell you how much this day means to me.

Every single positive review makes me smile, and I wish I could just squeeze you again!

The Dragonfly series was my first book dream, and now it's coming true.


Today for me is all about dreams coming true, the power of READERS, and just yanno... *sigh* I'm just smiling over here.

Have a SUPER day, reader- and writer-friends~

* * *

And Hey! Don't forget your chance to #WIN!

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And remember, Dragonfly is ON SALE this week for 99 cents! If you haven't read it yet, get it Today!

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Pat Hatt said...

Awesome how things come about. And wow you got a good deals of review too, nice!

Natalie Aguirre said...

A big congrats, Leigh! So excited for you, especially since it's your first dream book.

Kelly Polark said...

Yay! Happy book birthday! I'm going to go buy it now!! :)

andieleah said...

It's more like private poetry...when ever I had something work out in my mind,good, bad way easier to write poetry about it...always makes me feel better.

Anonymous said...


LTM said...

@Andieleah--that's really beautiful. Poetry is like pure emotion. Thanks! <3

@Susanne--Thanks, girl! <3 ((hugs))