Saturday, July 20, 2013

Undertow: The Character Interviews...

It's the weekend, and I hope you're relaxing, reader-friends~

If you're reading (or starting, or finished) Undertow, and you want to know more, we've got just what you're looking for! And at each stop, you have another chance to #WIN! 

Tee over at A Diary of a Book Addict (link) is interviewing Bill and Lexy, and what they say might surprise you. Here's a little sample:

For Bill: What are your true feelings for Alex and will you act on them?

I love her. I want us to be together, and I want her and Julian to live with me in my house. I’m ready to act, but... (go to here for the rest!)

For Lexy/Alex: When it is time to disclose your secret to Julian will you have Bill there?

I can’t imagine that ever happening. I can’t imagine how knowing the truth would make Julian... (for more, click here!)

And we've got more FAB Reviews!

Sheri over at Tangled up in Books (link) says:

"It pulled me in and had me hanging on each and every word just dying to know find out how the story plays out..." (go here for more)

Becca at BS Book Reviewers (link) says:

"I don’t think that I have been hooked this hard on a series in quite a while..." (click here to read more)

On Sunday, I'll talk about "A Day in the Life" of me on Wild Wordy Women.

And at each stop, you can enter to #WIN signed copies, exclusive eARCs of Watercolor, your own Private Journal, and #SWAG!

As always, THANK YOU for reading and for buying my books, for leaving reviews, for sending me emails and tweets, and for being supercool reader-friends!

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