Monday, November 4, 2013

Rouge #WINNER and Keeping Up

We have a Winner, reader-friends!!!

I went to the ole Random Number Generator, and it pulled.... #2!!!

Chris Fries--you Won the Rouge Audiobook (link)

Please email me at leightmoore(at) so I can give you the claim number.

**woo hoo!!!** **throws confetti**

(Honestly, I would give all of you who entered a free copy, but unlike my ebooks, I don't have access to it that way. They only gave me like five codes.)

If you're interested in Rouge, the book, here's the link. I call it my "secret book" because so few people know about it... (LOL!) But it's a good one--just different from my other stuff.

Anywho! I'm in the reading cave doing beta reads for some fabulous author-friends.

Add Me!
Today, I'm working on a new book (Unexpectedly You) by my lovely cover-designer Jolene Perry (link) and supersweet friend Cassie Mae (link).

They're writing together as Mia Josephs & Riley Janes. (I know! Wha-what???)

But it has something to do with their traditionally pubbed books... it's OK, though--I can tell you this so you know to go buy this FAB book by these amazing writer-friends when it releases later THIS MONTH...

After that, I get to read a superfun, supersexay new serial by my author-friend Magan Vernon (link).

Then I'll be heading into the next installment of  A Shot in the Light by one of my first bloggy buddies, the fantastic leader of the Naked World Domination campaign, Hart Johnson (link).

Seriously, if you love conspiracy theory stories, you will LOVE her Shot in the Light series. It's fast-paced, fun, and chilling AND it's only 99 cents on Amazon (link).

So lest you think I'm just hanging out, eating bonbons and not writing... LOL!

Have a super week, reader-friends! Back soon~ 


Barbara Watson said...

I would never accuse you of laziness!! :-)

Old Kitty said...

Awwww hope you do have lots of bonbons!! Yay!

Take care

StratPlayerCJF said...

Woot! I'm a winner!!!

Thanks, Leigh!

e-mail sent!