Monday, December 2, 2013

All I Want for Christmas, #SWAG, and a #WIN!

Just fyi, reader-friends, I have both a cement truck and a table saw going outside my window right now, so this one's bound to be a bit rambly...

Perhaps my Christmas Wish List should start with #1-A nice, quiet writing space. (LOL!)

No, all the noise is from the construction on the house next door--I should be wishing for awesome new neighbors. (Or at least ones I get along with!)

I'm a writer in case you haven't noticed, so I'm always chasing trains of thought in my head, thinking about how humans interact with each other, contemplating how one different decision might change the outcome of any given situation.

It's fun! And I hope it's what keeps my characters and stories authentic. That's what I'm going for anyway.

I've been observing my interactions with the workers next door these last several weeks, imagining what they might think of the mole-lady who is often irritable when she has to ask them to move their equipment and crap so she can get out of the driveway to fetch her children from all their activities.

Lately, I've also been thinking a lot about how much has changed in publishing since this time last year. Back then, the type of romance stories I write were easy to market. Bloggers were excited to read them and schedules weren't so full.

Two things have changed--schedules are very full, and sensational eroticism seems to be the order of the day. It's prompted me to consider lying low until the pendulum swings back again.

If you're here, you've probably read at least one of my novels. They're all a bit different, some are much steamier than others, but some things are constants: I don't enjoy stories where the lovers are mean to each other or humiliate each other. I don't think abuse is sexy. I don't care for my heroes to call their lovers "sluts" and/or worse, I hope to make you smile and/or laugh at least once while reading...

It's kind of got me sitting and thinking a lot... just thinking. Nothing more.

You see, I prefer strong women--even if it takes them the course of the story to get there (Anna), it's coming. Stay with me.

Perhaps that's #2 on my Wish List--A reading majority who feels the same way... LOL! I bet every writer would ask for that. I'm probably just struggling with growing pains.

Pay no attention to the mole-lady behind the curtain. So other types of stories are enjoying the spotlight right now. What's a gal writer to do? Well, I'll tell ya...

Just keep swimming. Isn't that what we've been saying for years? It's still the truth.

And what's all this about Swag???

Well, I've created an Online Swag Store filled with fun book-cover stuff like posters, iPhone covers, etc.

And if there's an item you'd like included, let me know! It only takes a day to whip it up and have it available.

* * *

Also, the HUGE Black Friday Giveaway is still going on... You can WIN FOUR $50 Amazon Gift cards!

And Dragonfly is still on Sale for 99 Cents!

Enjoy the season, reader-friends! I know it's stressful at times, but remember what it's all about. Good friends, good food, and good times~

Have a SUPER week! I'm trying to find a quiet spot...


Old Kitty said...

Bet you're the prettiest, most golden and brightest mole lady the workers next door ever did see! Yay!

Awww but seriously - hope the noise dies down eventually in time for Christmas at least!

Yay for the writerly swag too!

Barbara Watson said...

Best to you as you 'think' about your stories, how to market them, and when to release them. And enjoy those quiet moments after the construction workers have quit for the day... :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi, Leigh. I hope the noise on the house doesn't go on too long. That can be very distracting for a writer. Or maybe use it to your advantage and write it into a story. : )

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