Thursday, October 21, 2010

Book Review - Someone Like You

Since Monday's post, I've been feeling very out of it not being a daily blogger. I've received so many encouraging notes and well wishes, I've wanted to say a big THANK YOU! every day.

Seriously. I've been nervous, excited, working, trying to keep up with everything else, but I have not missed how great you all are with the well-wishes, the advice, the crit partners ready to read again. You guys are truly amazing. Thank you, and so much love~

Now for our Book Review!

Someone Like You is another Sarah Dessen title, and if you've been keeping up, you know I'm a fan. I literally finished this book in a matter of days and would've reviewed it sooner, but you know. Life.

SLY opens on the main character Halley at "Sisterhood Camp," where she's supposed to be learning self-esteem and in turn, getting along better with her parents (read, her mom).

Halley's mom is a psychologist, and prior to the start of the book the two were model parent-child relationship close. But over the summer, Halley and her best friend Scarlett have started branching out more and as a result, she's done the whole withdrawal from the parents thing.

In the first chapter we learn Scarlett's love interest Michael Sherwood has been killed in a motorcycle accident and then just a few chapters later we learn Scarlett's pregnant. Sort of an interesting dilemma.

Scarlett's mother encourages her to have an abortion, but when Scarlett refuses, her mom decides she'll put the baby up for adoption. Scarlett is also opposed to that.

Now all of that is just the backdrop to what happens to Halley, our main character. The book follows her first love with Macon, who was also Michael's best friend.

Both guys were pretty fast and loose with the ladies, and Dessen cleverly works that side of Macon into the story. The reader sees everything through Halley's eyes, so he starts out as this grief-stricken, but adventurous cute boy who often doesn't make it to school or encourages her to cut class or who drives to her house in the middle of the night.

And while Halley thinks it's all romantic, the reader also begins understanding Scarlett's warnings and the cautionary tales from another girl who isn't exactly Halley's friend.

The story culminates with Halley having to make a choice about who she really wants to be and how far she's going to follow Macon. Hence the title.

You know me, I always seem to give Dessen's books A++s, but in this case I especially like how few if any of the characters in Someone Like You do what you'd expect.

I like how Dessen works in Michael's official, model girlfriend's attitude of not really caring so much about families or doing the right thing and then contrasts it to Scarlett's choice and the subsequent fallout in public opinion. Even Macon's more than just a two-dimensional bad boy. So I highly recommend this book.

Heads up to moms, the book does contain some language and scenes of alcohol and drug use, but these scenes are handled in an accurate way. I remember having the distinct thought that my daughters should read this book when they're in high school.

I'm still working on revisions over here--you guys have a great weekend! Thanks again to all of you for just being so awesome. Love~ <3


Melissa said...

Keep it up with the revisions.

I really need to start reading Dessen. I keep meaning to but life gets in the way so I put it on the side... but this review of this book has just driven home the fact that I am missing out! The only person who is suffering because of it, is me!

DEZMOND said...

ah, yes, our dear bloggers are always so lovely, coming to blogosphere is actually the best way to cheer yourself up and lighten your mood :)

Nice review, Leigh

Holly Hill said...

This book has been on my list for a while. Maybe I'll pick it up this weekend. Thanks!

Mason Canyon said...

Enjoyed your review. I didn't know about this book, but I'm adding it to my wish list. Good luck with your revisions and have a wonderful weekend.

Thoughts in Progress

LTM said...

@Mel: You bet. Although, I'm starting to feel like I've been inside my own head too long... :D

Dessen's great--I've reviewed several of her books; click the "Dessen" tag if you're interested~

@Dez: No joke. Everyone is amazing. Thanks~ :o)

@Holly: I think you'll like it! :o) <3

@Mason: I didn't know much about the book when I bought it (other than the author). But I enjoyed it! Thanks, U2~ :o)

Dawn Ius said...

Great review. Thanks.

Matthew MacNish said...

Sounds interesting.

Good luck with your revisions.

Carolyn Abiad said...

You know me...I love characters who don't do what you think they will/should. Creating characters who can do that convincingly? That's another kettle of fish.

Added to the TBR pile :)

RaShelle Workman said...

Leigh - so glad you're doing well on your revisions. Keep it up. Sounds like an interesting book. You always do a great job on reviews. Hope your weekend is fantastic!

Lydia Kang said...

I'm embarrassed to say I haven't yet read any Sarah Dessen, but I think this pushed me over the edge and I may need to make a purchase this weekend...
Thanks for the great review!

LTM said...

@Dawn: You bet! :o)

@Matt: Thanks--mbrr... lol! :D

@Carolyn: It's true, but she manages to pull it off~ ;p

@RaShelle: thanks and you too! :o)

@Lydia: You should give her a test run--I've reviewed several of her books here. See "Dessen" tag~ :o) <3

Stina said...

I'm a huge fan of Sarah Dessen. I'm re-reading Along for the Ride (almost finished it) even though my TBR pile is huge. :D

I enjoyed SOLY, but it wasn't one of my favorites. One of my favs are Lock & Key and The Truth About Forever. I love Nate and Wes. :D

Ella said...

Thanks so much Leigh; I think this is one to add to my list. My daughter just started high school this Fall. Her friend up the street is already sneaking around. We saw her dropped off down here and then she walked home. This is the girl that has religion served up 3x a week. Thanks; Great review!!!

Connie Arnold said...

Having lots of blog friends is wonderful! Thanks for sharing the great book review.