Saturday, June 8, 2013

Dream Cast #contest, Reviews, and Excerpts, Oh My!

Official Tour Dates

Happy weekend, reader- and writer-friends!

I'm posting a double-header Dragonfly Tour Update for today and tomorrow with a #FUN idea (+SWAG) I hope you'll want to join in!

I was asked for my Dream Cast for Dragonfly, but since I wrote the book way back in 2009, my Dream Cast is somewhat outdated.

Here's my idea: Why not have a Reader Dream Cast contest! With a chance to #WIN some #SWAG!!!
(Or we'll do a vote for like the Top 10.)

Does that sound like fun?

So here are Today & Tomorrow's Tour Stops:

And to prevent my other book babies from feeling neglected, MaryAnn at Chapter by Chapter posted a Review (link) of The Truth About Letting Go that literally made me cry-smile. See what you think (link)!

* * *
On Sunday, be sure to stop by

Have a lovely weekend, my friends! I appreciate you in advance~

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Lee Todd said...

desert island....mmmmmmm