Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Undertow - the Tour, the Scoop, the chance to #WIN!

Whoop whoop!!!

It's here, reader-friends! Undertow is LIVE and the virtual shelves at

(Today I'll be doing the final check, so print copies should go online today also--I'll update the sidebar when that happens.)

And if you're still catching up, Dragonfly is on a special 99 cent SALE this week! So while you're there, grab it off the virtual shelf at

(Print on Amazon | Createspace)

The Undertow Blog Tour starts today as well, and boy, do we have some MAJOR SCOOP coming for you, reader-friends!!!

What 10 Things does Bill want you to know about Lexy (a.k.a., his co-conspirator)?

Run over to Contagious Reads (link) and find out~ (You'll also have a chance to #WIN there!)

And Gabbie over at Rampant Readers (link) has a great breakdown review focusing on all three Journal-characters.

Don't forget your chance to #WIN!

We've got signed print copies, exclusive Watercolor eARCs, your very own personal journal to fill, and MORE!

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As always, THANK YOU so much for reading and supporting my books. I love my readers!

Back tomorrow with more~


Pat Hatt said...

Big congrats on the release

LisaAnn said...

Wooohooooo!!!!! Such wonderful books with such wonderful covers. You are an inspiration in everything you do!

Tammy said...

I have journals saved since I was in elementary school. I was most consistent in high school. It's fun to look back and read them now but I had code for some things just in case someone read the journals and of course now I don't remember what some of the code means :(

LTM said...

LOL--Tammy! Oh, no!!! That's kind of like when I put things in special places so I don't lose them... #doh!

Yeah, I always kept a journal as a kid, and my mom usually read it. I didn't think of using a secret code~ :D <3

Anonymous said...