Monday, August 5, 2013

I've Crossed to the Dark Side

Happy Monday, readers!

School's back in, and I'm back to the lab again, yo'~

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But first, let me say a HUGE THANKS and give LONG, SQUISHY Virtual Hugs to everyone who participated in the release tour for Undertow!

I absolutely love this book, and so far it seems readers do, too! I also love hearing from you guys, so keep the emails, Facebook posts, Tweets, etc. coming!

Watercolor Cover Reveal happens August 21, and I am just DYING for you guys to see it. I wish I could show it to you all right now. It's so gorgeous.

Julian fans are going to sah-woon over this one.

Again, HUGE THANKS to the lovely and talented Jolene Perry, who knocks my sox off with her cover design skillz.

Please sign up to participate in the cover reveal (link)!

And you can read more about Watercolor and add it to your TBR list on Goodreads (link).

* * *

I made an Important Discovery over the weekend, friends. You ready? Here goes: I know why artists are crazy.

(I'm including myself in this "artists" category because I think that includes me now. I've got five books out and am simultaneously working on two more... That's right. I said two at the same time.)

Here's how my Important Discovery went down:

A few weeks ago, I got this Big Idea for a new book--something crazy-new. Totally different. Of course, I have NO time for that. Watercolor comes out Oct. 3!

And while you might think Oct. 3 is far, far away, I've got to have eARCs ready for book reviewers at least four weeks before that.

So what do I do? Well, I was just going to make some notes, store it in the Idea File, and finish Watercolor...

Two weeks later, I have a whole new book written.

What I did not do coming off the back-to-back release of Dragonfly AND Undertow (a month apart):
-take a break,
-socialize with friends,
-get out of the house,
-do anything besides stare at a computer screen immersed in an imaginary world...

I did not! I dove right back into another one. And not just any other one, but a dark, ultra-sexy, adult one.

New Book started out as just an experiment, and I confess, I fell in love with these characters and their problems. It's a stand-alone, it's HEA, it's supah-sexy... And for the first time, I'm conceding that I must use a pen name, friends. I must.

And (Note: here's where the *crazy artist* kicks in) I got mad about it.

I want to own my work. I want to go On Record and say, "Yes, this is different. This might surprise or even shock you. See if you can get over that and love this story as much as I do."

Of course, I can't do that. At least not yet.

Readers want a certain thing. Family and friends expect a certain thing. I'm not at that level yet where I'm untouchable. (Does anybody ever get to that level? Really?)

I don't know. I'm still grumpy about it.

Which only goes to prove I've crossed over to the Dark Side. Next thing you know, I'll be wearing strange clothing and using an unpronounceable symbol instead of my name.

I hope you'll all remember me when. 

Have a super week, reader-friends! I'm so excited because in addition to writing this week, I'm beta reading books by FAB author friends, Magan Vernon and Hart Johnson. *squee*!!!

And I'll be back with more fun news next week~ 


Barbara Watson said...

Enjoyed everything about this post. It made me smile. And I totally get it. I must be a crazy artist too. :-)

Old Kitty said...

Two weeks and your wrote a whole new super sexy sizzling book!?!? You are totally amazing!!!! And thoroughly crazy! LOL!! In a fab way of course!! Take care

Susan Kaye Quinn said...

Ah! I'm know your super sexy book will be super awesome. And I feel for you about the penname. I'd totally love for you to be able to own that work too!

Natalie Aguirre said...

Totally impressed you wrote a whole book in two weeks. Wow! You are amazing.

Laura Pauling said...

That's just what happens when a writer self publishes - their creativity is released! Congrats and have fun with it!

2009 DREAM said...

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