Thursday, October 3, 2013

Catchup Sale, Mega Giveaway! Time to #WIN!!!

So Today is the official day: Happy Birthday Watercolor!!! 

And early readers are saying...

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"I've been waiting for each book like it's my own personal version of crack. A truly FANTASTIC series about growing up, with some small town soap opera drama sprinkled in." --Jessica Watterson, Bend in the Binding Reviews

"Moore paints a beautiful tale--a very satisfying, tear-jerking culmination of what began with Dragonfly." --Alyse Carlson/Hart Johnson, bestselling author of A Shot in the Light

"Moore has done it again! A captivating love story of secrets, lies, family, and money all wrapped up in a coming of age story set on a southern beach." --Tracy Womack, founder Virtual Book Club

Watercolor - out NOW!

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As a special Happy Birthday gift to YOU, get BOTH Dragonfly and Undertow Today, each for only 99 cents!

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And about that Mega Giveaway...

Enter to #WIN the signed, complete Dragonfly series, your own, signed copy of Watercolor, ebooks and more!

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~ The Dragonfly series ~ 
~ Fall in love, be pulled under, and then be swept away~

Thank you so much for always supporting me, reader-friends. It's a happy day over here. Have a super week!


StratPlayerCJF said...

Hi Leigh!

I've been away from blogging for quite a while (and sadly, writing too), but I'm trying to get back into both... I've even started a NEW blog. :)

And I'm THRILLED to see that you have been going gangbusters on your own writing!!!! I'm so happy to see the fabulous output of your extraordinarily gifted writer-ness. I wish you tremendous success!!!

S.A. Larsenッ said...

I am so amazingly excited for you, and feel so blessed to call you friend! You are one of my fav inspirations. HEARTS!

LTM said...

Chris and Sheri--two of my favorite writer-friends!!! Thanks so much for stopping by and thank you both for being so amazing and supportive.

Chris--no worries! Get back in there and do what you can!

Sheri, HEARTS to you~ xoxo


Anonymous said...


LTM said...

Susanne!!! THANKS! <3

Emily said...

This sounds like a great series, I can't wait to read it!