Wednesday, March 10, 2010


People used to talk about "it" a lot when I was in college. (Maybe they still do, I don't know.) I was thinking last night about "it" and wondering if only people have "it" or if things can as well.

What's this "it" of which I speak?

Ugh, let me see if I can remember... "It" is/was defined as that indescribable quality that causes someone to stand out from the rest. It transcends talent and enters the realm of the undefinable. It's what the French call "je ne sais quoi" or "I don't know what."

Clear as mud?

People used to talk about supermodels having "it." Like what makes one pretty skinny girl stand out from all the other pretty skinny girls. Like Cindy Crawford had "it," as did Naomi Campbell. Heidi Klum has "it" when she doesn't speak.

Actors like Johnny Depp, Robert Downy, Jr... I'd go so far as to say little Miley Cyrus has "it." Bands and musicians can have "it." For example, what made Britney more popular than Xtina? She isn't a better singer...

Can you lose "it"? Hmm... Madonna still seems to have "it." As does Mick Jagger. (C'mon. You know you're gonna stop and stare at whatever they come out with. Confess!) I'd say Paul Newman never lost it. But there are probably people who had "it" who don't anymore.

Back to last night and wondering if things can have "it." Things like TV shows or movies or music or (wait for it...) books! Would you say Grey's Anatomy had "it," or was it the cast? I mean, what made it better than say that other doctor show... Boston somethingorother. Or even that Private Practice.

I never watched any of those shows, so I can't say.

Or reality TV. Again, not being a watcher, would you say any of those "housewives" shows seems to stand out from the rest? And would you say it was because of the people or the show itself as a whole?

I don't know. These are the thoughts I have as I wait to hear back from somebody... As the clock tick tick ticks and I try not to lose the other "it"... I hope my books have "it."  (smile)


JRichard said...

It was one of Stephen King's lesser books. Why don't they call it "that"? I say Lady Gaga, Josh Lautner and L'il Wayne have got THAT. Your books may not have IT, but perhaps they are all THAT.

LTM said...

I think you meant Taylor Lautner, and if I have THAT, then I'll definitelly have IT. LOL! just kidding... (OK, not really.) (No, really.) :D

Ex-pat Odessa said...

LTM = IT-NESS!!! (is that a word??)

LTM said...

aww! And you're already on the "permanent" Christmas card list, Romania! It just got misdirected to South America... LOL! :D

Ex-pat Odessa said...

Look at it this way, now you can say with complete sincerity, (to agents, and publishers), that your blog IS in fact, International!!! People from all over Europe are following you!