Wednesday, March 3, 2010

L O S T Anthems

A while back a friend recommended I download "Big Light" by the group Roman Candle. Very luminous, I know.

Anyway, I did, but I didn't really listen to it at the time. I'm sure you guys agree, you have to be in the mood for certain songs. Lately, it's been in constant rotation, much to the children's annoyance.

The girls are very into "Les Champs-Elysses" by Joe Dassin. I blame my French-teaching friend Jenni and Eloise in Paris.

Don't get me wrong, it's a fun, catchy tune, and I'm diggin the multiculturalism. But after the 100th time, I'm thinking thoughts I can't translate into English... 

"Au soleil, sous la pluie, a midi ou a minuit
Il y a tout ce que vous voulez aux Champs-Elysees"

I've also been liking "Animal" by Kie$ha. Another anthem and great inspiration for romance. Yep. That's the emotion you're trying to capture. Good stuff.

(Can I go off on a tangent for a second and wonder what's the deal with no pants? I know we have Madonna to thank [again], but jeez, isn't the leotard look over yet? You're fit. That's awesome, now go get dressed already.)

So L O S T is in it's final season, and it is totally RULING!

My theory: the events that are happening off the island are going to end up being how the show rides off into the sunset. When they were on the plane, and Jack looked out the window and they showed the island underwater, I think that's what un-Locke/Smokey is ultimately going to do (sink the island), and our friends the Lostaways are going to be bounced back to what's going on in the real world.

Juliet did say "it worked" after all.

But that's just my theory. I have a group of friends in a separate email discussion who blow my mind with all their theories. Of course, they're all ST:TNG/Sci-Fi/Fantasy geeks, so I'm used to it. Having never read An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge, I'm behind the curve. It's fun, though.

So I was thinking, those of you out there who watch, two questions:
1-What do you think?
2-Which L O S T  character are you?

I have to admit, while I'd like to be Kate, and last month I felt like I was turning into Rousseau, the truth is I'm really Hurley.

He outweighs me by like 200 lbs and all, but every line he utters is totally in my head before he says it. I'm as completely confused as he is (in which cases, I do tend to go all Zen and be like "whatever"--Hurley!), and I would have totally been writing the screenplay for Return of the Jedi, because he's right. Ewoks sucked.

That's it for today, kids. I've got to get back to Bidding of the Bulls. Let me put my lighter away...


Ex-pat Odessa said...

Please, DON'T Spoil LOST for me, the new season hasn't started here yet. Last season starts it's re-run here tomorrow night. *sigh*

As to what I think is going on with LOST - I think it's all in Hurley's head. he was in a mental ward after all, whose to say he isn't dreaming or rather hallucinating all this. Of course, if that's the case, I'm going to be righteously pissed for wasting so much time and energy on this show! Not to mention what Marius will to do me, for driving him insane for the last 6 seasons!!!

Who do I think I am, for the most part Kate, with a little of Sawyer's sauciness.

LTM said...

have to say, Kate totally looks like you to me, Freckles. ;o)

Ex-pat Odessa said...

Marius says the same thing. Nice compliment, I wish I had her bod! ;p