Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Life Goes On

Bidding of the Bulls has eaten my life! It's OK, though. I'm not complaining because I was going a little nutso hitting the "refresh" button on the ole Gmail every five minutes waiting for query replies.

So I'm up to my neck in volunteer publicity. Here's a little for you, no charge: Attention SFES parents, Bidding of the Bulls is our biggest fundraiser of the year!

March 12, 6:30 p.m., Daphne Civic Center. Tix: $25/$45 in advance, $30/$50 at the door. Adults only.

On the auction block: Orlando vacation, P'cola Beach vacations, Season passes to Toros football games *with parking*, GMAC bowl package for four, Several golf packages, two sets of orthodontic packages with two-year follow ups, and more. Good stuff!

All money raised goes directly to SFES, so come out and support our school!

As for fun reads, well, I'm a bit swamped. Hours spent on BOB: 20; hours spent on work that actually pays me: 2; hours spent revising Book 2: 0.

I can say I recently did a get to know feature on a super-interesting fellow, Darrel Williams. He's a transplant from jolly ole England, has explored the world Indiana Jones-style twice, wrestles crocodiles, eats pirhanas, survives botfly attacks, and (big points for him) says Baldwin County is the best place he's ever lived.

Well, we could've told him that.

He's a trainer at Fitness Together at the Eastern Shore Centre if anyone's looking to shape up. He's also in training for the Iron Man triathlon in Utah, May 1. Wow. And I complain when I have to run in "the cold." (Seems I remember running in the snow in Indy.)

You can read the article here. Happy reading, and I'll be checking in with you guys soon!

Again, I apologize to those of you having problems following my blog, leaving comments, etc. I'm glad that I sent the world this blog address and now it seems to be quite user-unfriendly. Heads up to those who've talked to me about starting your own blog: I've read Wordpress is much easier. (Sorry, blogspot.) For now, we'll hold on here. If it gets too unbearable, I'll see about relocation.


Anonymous said...

I'm not cool enough to be a blogger! I don't even know how to post a blogger profile.
--Hokey Pokey

LTM said...

sheyeah, HP, I know you. You're what it's all about. ;o)

Hank said...

That wasn't me.
- Hank Phillips
P.S. Although I am also mystified by technology. And grammar.