Sunday, February 28, 2010

SSTW The Movie

We did it! Star Saves the World is on film. Below is the link to the finished product, and I'm happy to report the little members of the cast are pleased with the results.

See what you think (link)~

That last line is "Where would the world be without orange cats?"
Reply, "I don't know!"

Good stuff.


bamamama said...


LTM said...

we aim to please! Critics are saying, "The juxtaposition of the real to the unreal is surreal. And extremely humorous." ;o)

Ex-pat Odessa said...

I Love when she gets the book that has "like 5,000 pages"...who wrote it, Tolstoy or Orwell???

LTM said...

actually, it's 9,000 pages. (She discovered Richardson's "Clarissa"...) :D

JRichard said...

It was a whirlwind production, and predictably, there was a lot more time spent in post-production that during principal photography.

Also, because of the brilliance associated with this blog platform, there are now at least three versions of me out there purporting to be following you. Yet again today I had to actually click on another "follow this blog" link to become a follower. I suspect an attempt at identity theft by the managers of the platform. Or just general incompetence.