Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love is in the Air

First, Bravo, Shadow Barons! Awesome ball last night. This funny exchange occurred between yours truly and a Baron who was crazy-dancing with me:

LTM: You're going to make me fall!
SB: (loudly) That's OK! I'm a member of this organization!
LTM: But I don't want to fall!

Ah... good times, good times.

So Happy Valentine's day! In honor of this special occasion, I'll share three reasons why I love my husband, Richard, so much:
1-He insists that I pursue my dreams/obsessions/creative urges.
2-He gives me honest feedback.
3-He is the voice of reason insisting that I stop going to extremes and look at things rationally.

Those would also be the three reasons he infuriates me sometimes. (Why did I ever tell him I had become an aspiring novelist?)

Here's my favorite picture of him~

Aw, look at that face. I remember the first time I laid eyes on him at LSU when we were 18 years old. I was kind of tired that night, so I begged off hitting the Chimes with those guys and went back to my dorm to get some rest. But we spent the next three years practically inseparable. Well, as inseparable as two people with other significant others can be. And during the summers, he wrote me the best, longest letters. Yep, letters. On paper even. And yes, Virginia, I've still got them all.

I knew by graduation I'd end up a Moore before it was all over. I knew it when he gave me that mix tape. He was headed to Vandy law school, and I was headed . . . well, back to my old high school to teach tenth-grade English. (That turned out to be a really fun experience.)

That mix tape contained the following songs (get out your notepads, fellas): Roy Orbison's "In Dreams," Fleetwood Mac's "Silver Springs," Elvis Costello's "Alison," Indigo Girls, "Love Will Come to You," Rod Stewart's "Baby Jane" ... I can't remember the rest, but I wore it out.

And then, ten years later, we found each other again and got married.

I can report my college boyfriend Paul said, "It's about time you two got together," when I told him we were married. Paul's a great guy.

So Happy Valentine's Day, Richard. I love you. I knew you when you had no one to talk to.


JRichard said...

You are very sweet for writing about me and putting it on the interweb for all the world to see. That was also a really sweet mix tape. I hope you have been having a happy Valentine's Day too. I love you.

Unknown said...

Awwww this is awesome! You lived through 10 years apart?!? *sigh*