Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's the Freakin Weekend

I love how rap stars are such masters of the rhyme. It would never occur to me that "jam" and "a.m." rhyme, but it totally works.


So it's Saturday! Yay! On tap for today, play-time with the kids, try to squeeze in a run, Catherine says she wants to try Chinese buffet. (What?) This should be interesting... Maybe I can talk her into the Oyster House instead.

Everyone get out, have fun, play wih the kiddies and we'll catch up on Monday! I'm thinking about two things... self-publishing and Tiger Woods. Not necessarily in that order.

More soon~

***We interrupt this non-blogging weekend to bring you a special report.***


Some of you are aware that youngest daughter is also affectionately known as "Ramona" at our house. Well, currently Ramona's going through a game phase, and she's extremely competitive with Beezus. Can't imagine where she gets it...

So we're happily playing a game of Sorry, during which Beezus "sorrys" Ramona (i.e., sends her back to start). This provokes the whining, refusal to go back to start, etc. Me, as Calm Mediator, notes that "Look! Now we all have one pawn in Start."

Not helping.

Ramona insists on pushing her pawn back to where it was, to which I (more firmly) respond, "Now. Don't act like that." And move her pawn back to Start.

At this point, my youngest daughter, being the little lady she is, straightens up, places her hands on her hips, looks me squarely in the face, and toots.


Daddy immediately strides out of the room leaving me alone to reprimand her and NOT LAUGH.

I think of Hitler, the atrocities that occurred during the Holocaust... Oh, and heck yeah, all those images coming out of Haiti. (Thanks, Meredith Viera!) I calmly put the game away, instruct giggling oldest daughter to go upstairs and play on the Peep website while youngest daughter fetches her notebook.

She is currently writing 25 times "I will not act ugly during games."


Test passed. (How much is finishing school again?)

I'm thinking those kids who picket the World Bank could take a few pages from youngest daughter's book. Or those PETA folks. She could teach them a thing or two about nonviolent protest.

Final thought: Heck, ya'll! It's 65 degrees outside! That's practically warm enough for a beach run! Wooo! Can I get a witness?


JRichard said...

That version of events is not entirely accurate but it does capture the essence of the parenting experience we experienced this morning. I would just like to point out that while you attribute me with some responsibility for the little one's unladylike expression, I have never engaged in punitive flatulence. Otherwise, I agree with you regarding the weekend, Flo Rida, nonviolent protest, and today's lovely weather. This would be a great day for someone to publish your book.

LTM said...

#1-Brevity is the soul of wit.
#2-You're supposed to be helping me have patience, little donkey! :o) xoxo

Ex-pat Odessa said...

It could be worse, she could be like Izzy and growl at you!!!