Friday, April 19, 2013

Dragonfly First Teaser! And #WIN Books!

Popping out from the cave, I promised Dragonfly teasers, and I've got the first one ready for you below!

Before we get to that, I wanted to share TWO chances to #WIN copies of my books.

#WIN me!
#1-The Truth About Faking is up for grabs over on Christine Fonesca's blog (link).

Christine is releasing a new nonfiction book called The Girl Guide, and it looks fantastic--a must read for parents and girls in the middle school years.

This is your LAST DAY, so check it out, and enter to #WIN!

#2-Jessica at Hoplessly Devoted Bibliophile is celebrating her Blogoversary with chances to #WIN fun prizes, including a copy of Rouge (link).

Rouge made it to the Quarter Finals Round of the 2013 ABNA. It's a new adult romantic suspense set in a cabaret in New Orleans. 
#WIN me!

So if you're looking for something different in the New Adult genre, hop over and enter to #WIN!

And now, the moment you've been waiting for! 

Exclusive Teaser #1 from Dragonfly, Coming June 6:

A half-step, I was in his arms. A glint of blue and his mouth covered mine. I trembled as his hands traveled up the sides of my dress to my shoulders, then lightly cupped my cheeks.

His lips moved to the corner of my mouth, then my jaw, and a tiny noise slipped from my throat. I was tense and electric, and all I could think were his soft lips touching me, my fingers exploring his hard stomach through the thin cotton shirt he wore. 

His mouth traveled to my ear, where he kissed me lightly before whispering. “Let’s sit.” 

Taking my hand, he sat in the sand and pulled me onto his lap, and I watched as he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his lined chest. Then he took my hands and placed my palms flat on his warm skin. Gorgeous.

“Now you,” he said, and his arms circled to my back. I was breathing fast as he slid my zipper down and my straps fell to the sides. I was sitting in my bra facing him in the silver moonlight, my hands still on his chest. 

My head was so light, I could barely breathe. This was all new to me, and there was no way I was stopping it. My shoulders shook, and I looked down. 

“Are you afraid?” he whispered. 

I shook my head no, lying. He cupped my chin, tilting my face up, and looked into my eyes. The breeze blew his golden hair around his cheeks, and I was convinced this was what an angel looked like.

Dragonfly is Book #1 of the as-yet unnamed series, coming June 6; another Teaser posts Tuesday!

Have a lovely weekend, reader- and writer-friends~ <3


Pat Hatt said...

Finding an angel, or look a like, lightning was strike. Happy weekend too to you.

Pat Hatt said...

was = might, I'll blame the light lol

cleemckenzie said...

Lots of books to look forward to!

LTM said...

Thanks, Lee! I'm so excited to get the DRAGONFLY series out. It's been waiting on me to go back and revise Book #1 since 2009! :D <3